Katie Price Sanitized For Your Protection

Katie Price Wears Latex One Piece With Giant Lips To Promote Her New Fragrance Kissable London That either says Fierce or Farce, the new fragrance in the Kissable line of perfumes from prodigious author, Katie Price. I can understand why people want to smell like people they deem highly accomplished. Becoming as educated, working as hard, and being just as smart and ambitious is more likely to make you true equals, but that's a lot of work compared to ten seconds slathering on some chemical compounds still illegal under the Geneva Convention. I'm less familiar with wanting to smell like essence of Chlamydia. That's not going to bring around the type of man you want to meet your parents. Neither is a pair of giants lips over your enormous fake tits. Though both will definitely bring men around.

Photo Credit: INF/AKM-GSI

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