Jeff Goldblum Wants Whatever Holly Willoughby Is Willing To Offer, Wink Wink

You should automatically expect anyone constantly dressed as GQ’s man of the month to try his luck with chicks all the time. No heterosexual man alive wakes up and purposely puts on a turtle neck without wanting attention from the opposite sex. read more

Louis C.K. Hopes You Have Tickets To His Lolita Reloaded

Making a movie in black and white about pimping your daughter to a potential pedo filmmaker you’ve been wanting to meet your entire life about as edgy as it gets. The only thing you need now is to slap a disclaimer on that bad boy that says based on true events. Who said... read more

Jessica Simpson's Pigtail Fiasco

How is it possible to have annual slutwalks and then shame a fellow female for having pigtails. Is there a handbook for inappropriate hairstyles that I’m unaware of? read more

ESPN Sam Ponder Was Slut Shamed By Barstool Sports CEO

ESPN ratings are dropping faster than the pants of a young intern at Harvey’s house. Unfortunately it’s one of the side effects of openly putting on a cape for Colin Kaepernick and straying off the topic of sports and venturing into social justice.  read more

Kim Zolciak Weighs In On Sex And Marriage

I don’t think it’s a secret that sex can save a marriage. According to RHOA’s Kim Zolciak that’s how she saves herself from divorce and upholds her end of the love contract since the day she said “I do.” read more

Bill O’Reily Drags Man's Best Friend Into Kneelgate

 The only way to get people to pay attention on social media is to say something shocking. Otherwise you’re just like every other account.  read more

Dean McDermott Is Above Paying Child Support

When you’re $100,000 arrears on child support that you don’t plan on paying most likely your name is Dean McDermott. If it’s not then you’re also another fine example of a deadbeat dad minus Tori Spelling as a spouse.  read more

Steven Seagal Also Nominated For Sexual Harassment Award

With Harvey Weinstein leading this year’s Hollywood most horrible person poll, Lisa Guerrero wanted to submit Steven Seagal’s name to possibly top the current titan of inappropriate touch. read more

Former Child Star Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

When your music career was over-shadowed since the beginning by one of the biggest acts in rap imported from Canada with a similar name, you might have some bottled up resentment.  read more

Robert Patterson Drying His Tears on Katy Perry

If you wanted to make your ex jealous you should have dated Katy Perry right after Kristen. Katy Perry looks down to do everything Kristen wouldn’t in bed. She’s even into girls too and looks like the type that’s all too eager to share.  read more

"Lean On Me" Kid Arrested For Multiple Pounds Of Marijuana

Anyone doing 15 mph over the speed limit anywhere is almost guaranteed to get ticketed by the cop they didn’t see sitting under the overpass. Add almost 6 pounds of marijuana to that equation and you’re definitely going to jail, PBA card or not.    read more

No One Wants Denise Richards' House

A million dollar discount is nothing to laugh at and it’s a better price drop than you’ll find on any Groupon. Denise Richards already ducked the HIV dilemma when she divorce Sheen, now she's desperate to sell her house. read more