Amber Rose Slut Shamed, Harvey Weinstein One Obscene Slut on Last Men on Earth Podcast #105

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we broke into song and dance on Weinstein's exploits, Amber Rose's desperate desire to be both slutty and not slut shamed, Brie Larson calling out the TSA for thinking she's pretty, discuss Jemele Hill's teflon don status at ESPN,... read more

Terry Crews Shares His Sexual Assault Story

Terry Crews took a break from his apologizing for standard male behavior videos to join the ranks of celebrities to disavow Harvey Weinstein in no uncertain terms.  read more

Mickey Rourke, Feeling Pretty

Actor turned drugs, booze, and pugilist, Mickey Rourke, was but one plastic surgery procedure away from feeling pretty. So he said after his latest nose job.  read more

Harvey Weinstein's Trophy Wife Turns in Her Papers

Georgina Chapman turned in her walking papers, along with a statement to People magazine pretending to have been in the dark about her husband's indiscretions. read more

Nelly's Rape Charge Pales in Comparison to His Creepy Kid Serenading (VIDEO)

Watch as Nelly pulls a preteen girl from the crowd and sings to her while telling her how pretty she is while fondling her hair. read more

Jemele Hill Gets Paid 2-Week Holiday Because She's Fire-Proof

Jemele Hill would be semi-laudable as the chick who says whatever the hell she wants without worrying about the consequences, if she ever faced consequences.  read more

Harvey Weinstein Begged Hollywood For Help

There are two industries that detests the airing of dirty laundry. The international child sex trafficking networks and the entertainment industry. Largely for similar reasons. They don't see themselves as horrible.  read more

Blac Chyna's Mom Offers to Help O.J. Unleash His Beast

If you didn't know that Blac Chyna had a Dominican mom some teen years older than herself who walks around in revealing catsuits and Tweets crazy street lingo slurs, congratulations. You've contained the useless shit you know. read more

Lisa Bloom Cashes Her Last Weinstein Check

Lisa Bloom typically represents downtrodden women with claims against powerful men. Like fat chicks who insist Usher almost gave them herpes and demand twenty million but will take fifty grand to go away.  read more

Brie Larson Has Seen Suffering

Most people that claim to speak for all people tend to only have victimization stories involving themselves. It's one of those things to look for when learning how to completely discount celebrity stories of Revenant like survival in their Brentwood estates. read more

Tyrese Bitches at The Rock For Being More Successful

Fast and Furious 9 has been pushed back from 2019 to a 2020 release date. If you've lost your will to live, people will understand. Tyrese Gibson publicly blamed the year longer wait on Dwayne Johnson and his producing partner pushing back the schedule to better fit their... read more

Marvel and Netflix Cancel 'The Punisher' at Comic-Con

In light of the Vegas gun massacre, Netflix and Marvel decided to cancel the upcoming The Punisher show panel at New York Comic-Con. read more