The Redskins Owner Will Fold Eventually

The government shutdown is super fucking boring, so everybody now in Washington has turned their attention to a more important matter, the controversial name of their pretty crappy football team. Redskins is clearly a derogatory terms for Native Americans, something... read more

Amber Alerts Issued on Cell Phones in California

This is the new thing. Sending a loud alert message to millions of phones in the state when kids get snatched up by their angry estranged father or creepy boyfriend their mom met on Craigslist who swore his criminal arrest record for animal cruelty was a youthful... read more

Roman Polanski's Little Girl Rape Victim Is Grown Up and Writing a Book

For some reason people are shocked that Samantha Geimer is using a photo of herself at the age of 13 as the cover image of her autobiography centered heavily around her 1970's rape by director Roman Polanski. Though she was 13 when she was raped and the photo was taken... read more

Asiana Airlines Drops Lawsuit Over Fake Pilot Names

Go figure. Asiana Airlines has changed its tune. They are now accepting KTVU's on-air apology as enough to cancel their defamation lawsuit. It may or may not have to do with the sudden realization of how fucking stupid they looked to everybody else on the planet. Or,... read more

Asiana Airlines Did Not Find Racist Fake Names Funny Ha-Ha, So Suing (VIDEO)

Here's KTVU's apology for their errant news report that the Asiana Airlines crashed plane pilots were named Sum Ting Wong and Ho Lee Fuk and a couple other doozies. I guess it wasn't enough because Asiana is now suing KTVU. Meh, that won't get anywhere and I bet most... read more

The Bulls Finally Get Their Pound of Flesh (VIDEO)

If you don't have a strong stomach, or you root for guys who torment dumb animals and hate to see them trampled and gored, don't watch the video. But, if you do, you might find you're kind of getting into the bull beating these shit out of these Spanish tards. Actually,... read more

News Station Badly Effs Up Names of Crashed Asiana Airline Pilots (VIDEO)

Putting aside the general tragedy of it all, and, with a general apology to idiotic racism, this is pretty fucking funny. Someone in the information chain fed San Francisco news station KTVU the names of the four pilots manning the crashed Asiana Airline plane, and... read more

Fuck, No, America, Mexico Got Fatter Than Us

It's true. Mexico officially passed the U.S. on the adult obesity chart. If you don't believe me, just look at that picture above of some random fat Mexican women. I'd say it's indisputable. How great at being super fat has Mexico become? They've quadrupled their obese... read more

Brazilian Rapper Shot Onstage

Brazilian rapper MC Daleste was shot and died while performing onstage in Sao Paolo Brazil. He was in the middle of his set when shots rang out and he was hit in the chest. He was rushed to the hospital but didn't make it. It's a sad statement about the completely fucked... read more

I Can't Help But Feel That Brazil Isn't Ready for the Soccer World Stage

There's a reason all those hot supermodels flee Brazil as soon as they are old enough to have sex with important photographers. So, like 13-14. And the same reason most of the top soccer players head over to Europe not many years into their teens. Brazil is a hotbed of... read more

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst Bears Her Student's Baby

Women really do make the worst fucking sexual predators. They're just as messed up as men in most every way, but they simply lack the antisocial detachment  necessary to properly molest, say, the high school students in their classroom. A male teacher would know to cover... read more

50 Shades of Grey Gets a Release Date

Despite having no cast, 50 Shades of Grey has a release date. August 1, 2014. It doesn't need a cast. Or a script. Or much of anything really other than a dark, semi-private structure for frustrated moms to shift their hose and tickle their beans beneath their frocks... read more