Kylie Jealous Of Kendall On Flop "Life Of Kylie"

The oldest looking Bratz doll on the planet, Kylie Jenner, opens up about her jealousy over Kendall Jenner and her model coven on the new spinoff reality nightmare Life of Kylie. While Sunday's premiere had roughly the same ratings as a Bowflex infomercial and has been... read more

Lindsey Lohan No GOOP

People won't even pay for porn anymore, but Lohan believes that she can get people to pay to look at her with clothes on.  read more

Bella Hadid Comes Alive Face-Planting

My conviction that Hadid is an early prototype Japanese sex robot discarded for being just the worst is wavering after seeing her fall on her ass while leaving Cipriani in New York City. The supermodel sensation trips up on her heels (which are ironically emblazoned with... read more

Lollapalooza is Fest with Most Sex

I require a lot of bang for my buck. If I'm going to shell out cash and dedicate time off from work there needs to be a good reason.  read more

Youtube Threesome Gets the Followers

YouTube celebrities still don't classify as stars. Mostly because 90% of Youtubers are very average individuals. What else to do when out of ideas and reaching for relevancy? Hold interviews for a threesome. read more

This Week's Mr. Skin Minute Puts the Kooz in Eugenia Kuzmina (VIDEO)

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Let's Face It, Snapchat is for Porn (VIDEO)

Like everything else on the internet, Snapchat is primarily for porn read more

This Week's Mr. Skin Minute Uncovers Kirsten Dunst's Beguiling Boobs (VIDEO)

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