Alicia Silverstone Naked to Protest Wool

Jesus, PETA what now? It started with preventing ranchers from forcing farm animal genitals first into the extruder. We all winced and said, fine. Now it's no wool. That's fucking hair. read more

Alicia Silverstone Running an Outlaw Vegan Breast Milk Syndicate

There's something about Hollywood success that feeds right into that part of the brain that tells a person, fuck, I must be especially smart. I know important shit. No, I didn't really study it in school or gain knowledge through professional experience and educational... read more

Alicia Silverstone chews her sons food, spits it in his mouth

If you don't remember Alicia Silverstone, she was the late 90's version of Kristen Stewart, except even more plain looking (hard to believe but true) and laugh-out-loud weird, and this new blog post and this video emphatically confirm both of those things. "I just had a... read more

Alicia Silverstone has a glow about her now

If all you knew was that Alicia Silverstone was back in the news last week to announce her body was in the process of changing, and then you saw these pictures of her yesterday in Silver Lake, would you guess "pregnant" or "sex change"? Circle your answer on the monitor.... read more

Friday headlines

CAPTAIN AMERICA - has released a new pic, this time showing Chris Evans in full uniform during WWII. Long after we stopped using shields. Why did people stop using shields? Those seem helpful. (ew) RYAN REYNOLDS AND SANDRA BULLOCK - are still doing all the things people... read more

alicia silverstone has still got it

There’s no cruelty free makeup stores in Indio, California apparently, because Alicia Silverstone went bare at Coachela this weekend.  Oh and barefoot too.  There would be some of those lines above her head indicating she stinks too, but pictures only capture what’s there... read more


Most Halloween costumes suck.  And it's no different in Hollywood.  Kate Moss went as … Catwoman?  It's hard to tell. What are the chances her drunk ass even knows it was Halloween?  She’s wearing more eye shadow than normal, but only just barely.  Carmen Electra and her... read more


Apparently Photoshop is cruelty-free, because Alicia Silverstone looks absolutely nothing like she does in the new ads for PETA.  This couldn't be any more fake unless they put her on a dolphin with a trident in her hand and battling Poseidon. [gallery columns="6"] read more