Amber Comes Out Smelling Like Roses After Lawsuit

Amber Rose is officially free to use her mouth however she wants. Even for one of its less common uses like speaking. read more

Delilah Belle Hamlin Makes Daddy Proud and Shit Around the Web

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Amber Rose Slut Shamed, Harvey Weinstein One Obscene Slut on Last Men on Earth Podcast #105

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Amber Rose Degraded By Stripper Pedigree

Amber Rose completed her third annual Slut Walk this past weekend. Or did she? Certain slut related issues remain entirely unresolved. read more

Amber Rose Buys Rapper Promise Ring

Diamonds are really the only way you can get a rapper to double take before he takes the panties of some other stripper off. If you wanted your celebrity musician boyfriend to be loyal to you, you should have dated a Jonas Brother. read more

Amber Rose's Surplus Of Boobagetry

There are two things in life you can never have too much of. Tits and money. Both feel really nice in the hands. read more

Amber Rose Mulling Mammary Reduction

If you're Amber Rose, or her social media ilk, you wake up each day, smile at the third tier rapper in bed next to you, take a home The AIDS test, and figure out how to get attention that day online.  read more

Liev Schreiber Sluts Up His Little Boy and ESPN Sapphic Love Machine on The Last Men on Earth Podcast #94

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Backlash of Amber Rose's Bush

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Amber Rose Full Frontal Slut Promo

Watch guys who wrestled in high school in stadium dustups in their 40's. They still lunge for a takedown. Former strippers will always try to get what they want by taking off their clothes. You can't shake years of early training. read more

Amber Rose Hints at Fucking Jay Z

We've always had stupid people. There was simply never a way to raise a stupid person army until social media arose. You can now wrap yourself in a dummy quilt of daily beefs and perfect comebacks by, for, and between idiots. read more

Amber Rose Makes a Good Point

Strippers and prostitutes are routinely portrayed as unusually wise women in popular fiction. This has led the general population to forgo the obvious question, if you're so wise, how the fuck did you end up with blisters on your rectum and a crack habit?  read more