Open Post: Who Would You Rather The World Turn Against: Lena Dunham Or Amy Schumer?

If you've read the news recently, you'll know that Lean Dunham's reputation as the liberal crusader for women, fat women, ugly women, black women, black men, the LGBT community, anyone under thirty-five, cats, birds, house plants, and amoebas is in jeopardy after she... read more

You'll Never Guess Amy Schumer's New Boyfriend's Job

Schumer's recent choice in man meat all but solidifies the fact that she's finally given up and will next be seen getting dragged through the streets New York City as a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But guys, she's still a size six. Get your facts... read more

Amy Schumer Doggie Style

Amy Schumer is going out spitting venom, dousing the media with last-ditch attempts to claim her throne as the "After" Lena Dunham on a subway plastic surgery billboard. Sorry, Schumer, to be Lena Dunham you're going to have to destroy that dog's life and then blame... read more

This Week's Mr. Skin Minute Features Elizabeth Olsen's Twins (VIDEO)

Plus Lily James nudity, Amy Schumer body-positive tit, and more! read more

Amy Schumer Official Broadway Broad

Amy Schumer represents a majority of what's wrong with society. She's comedy's version of affirmative action. Underperforming at your craft will still land you front page with a trophy.  read more

See Amy Schumer's Bare Tit In Snatched

When audiences heard that world's oldest starlet Goldie Hawn and rogue Miss Piggy parade float Amy Schumer were teaming up for a terrible movie, they knew they were about to witness Hollywood magic. Now that the film has grossed three dollars more than it cost at the... read more

Rebel Wilson Looks Good

Amy Schumer's declaration of unbridled womanhood comes in the form of thirty fascinatingly distributed extra pounds visible in these new pictures from her jog in New York City. If sprinting to get in line for the newest Big Apple pastry sensation is jogging. Schumer will... read more

Amy Schumer Stuns In Bikini

Amy Schumer took to Instagram to shed a light on unrealistic body expectations with a hilarious picture for National Bikini Day. Is what the media is saying. I say what is Rob Ford doing in a bikini. read more

Amy Schumer Cinched Up But Good for 'Snatched'

Snatched is the perfect movie for testing the nature of your relationship with your significant other. Specifically, what do you get for agreeing to see this movie? Anything less than the Leviticus trashing thing you've always talked about but she's not been willing to do... read more

Brie Larson Girl Power Extravaganza

Brie Larson seems desperate to interject herself into any conversation regarding feminism. This has included such harrowing acts as not clapping when Casey Affleck won an Oscar and making a bunch of money to star in a movie about a woman who was kidnapped and raped... read more

Amy Schumer Swindles With $2K Mattress

Amy Schumer has clawed her way back into the news. This time she bought a random $2,000 mattress. At one point she flung herself in front of Kanye and Kim on the red carpet. Schumer can’t differentiate.  read more