Amy Schumer Cinched Up But Good for 'Snatched'

Snatched is the perfect movie for testing the nature of your relationship with your significant other. Specifically, what do you get for agreeing to see this movie? Anything less than the Leviticus trashing thing you've always talked about but she's not been willing to do... read more

Brie Larson Girl Power Extravaganza

Brie Larson seems desperate to interject herself into any conversation regarding feminism. This has included such harrowing acts as not clapping when Casey Affleck won an Oscar and making a bunch of money to star in a movie about a woman who was kidnapped and raped... read more

Amy Schumer Swindles With $2K Mattress

Amy Schumer has clawed her way back into the news. This time she bought a random $2,000 mattress. At one point she flung herself in front of Kanye and Kim on the red carpet. Schumer can’t differentiate.  read more

Amy Schumer Magazine Tits

Amy Schumer tries to give face on the new InStyle. She looks like someone peacefully drowning. Go into the light. Her tits are great when taken completely out of context.  read more

Amy Schumer Gets to Bottom of Her Poor Reviews

Amy Schumer's latest special on Netflix has received an inordinate number of online viewer ratings, leaning heavily negative. Schumer's certain the shitty comments are a consequence of alt-right haters. read more

Bud Lights Pulls Out of Schumer

Bud Light is prematurely ending their Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen 'Bud Light Party' commercials. Anheuser-Busch cites the success of the campaign in raising awareness among Millennials and Hispanics, neither of whom drink Bud Light. Third quarter sales were well down... read more

Amy Schumer Called To Task for Plantation Yucks (VIDEO)

Eventually, the politically correct eat their own. It's the Hungry Hungry Hippos Theory of self-righteous consumption. If the process happened with any expediency, the snowflakes would melt faster than they're falling. It's not. The drifts are growing. read more

Amy Schumer Climbed the Right Ladders and DiCaprio Eaten By His Own On The Last Men on Earth Podcast #64

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I deep dive into how infantile supposedly educated people become when discussing politics, wonder whether any DiCaprio types can ever be taken seriously as social activists, worry about the future of rich narcissistic dead... read more

Madonna Offers to Swallow Hillary Voters (VIDEO)

The amount of irony involved in Madonna stepping up to the microphone at an Amy Schumer comedy concert and offering blow jobs to audience members in exchange for voting for Hillary Clinton is difficult to count. But let's start with the first three. read more

This One's on You, Dumbass Amy Schumer Concert Goers (VIDEO)

During her performance in Tampa over the weekend, Amy Schumer announced that her raunchy sex jokes were going to stop for five minutes to save the world with political rants. You don't necessarily see the political segue coming from a girl stringing along cum jokes. read more

Amy Schumer and Blake Lively Tag Teaming Gender Bias

Amy Schumer put Girl's Life magazine on notice to quit it with the being pretty and having nice hair and makeup and breakup tip for girls. Especially in contrast to Boy's Life which features dream jobs for boys like fireman or fighter pilot or a guy cleaning a dog's... read more