Anne Hathaway Perfect Tits (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

Anne Hathaway realized that she could combat her personality with her banging bod back in 2005's Havoc. She writhed on the couch while grabbing her tits over a decade ago. Hathaway's agent was happy she found her calling. read more

Anne Hathaway Won't Stop Inspiring

Inspiring female celebrity newer mom messages can be summed up in three words: I'm fat too. It's not true, but it flies off the shelves like super-sized peanut M&Ms plucked at the check-out line because you've had a hectic day. read more

Anne Hathaway Cried at the Gym

Tales of crying at the gym are the female equivalent of men happening to bring up high school sports stories in their primal drum circles. Largely invented myths that bond the genders. If you're a celebrity trying to recast your public persona and never cried at the gym,... read more

Anne Hathaway Pregnancy Hike

Anne Hathaway took a hike over the weekend to show off that she's pregnant and that the skinny gay dude next to her put that baby inside of her. Her husband is 140 pounds wet but look what he done did, that sexual beast. Brag to your friends about the half pound of... read more

Anne Hathaway In Control

Anne Hathaway is the totem head of women obliged to offer a bogus excuse for posting bikini pics. Hathaway fired off a blurry beach Instagram designed to remind everybody that she's pregnant and her husband isn't as gay as his boyfriend believes. So, posting a bikini pic... read more

Anne Hathaway Nip Slip for The Intern

For all the animosity toward her high maintenance Bohemian artist shtick, Anne Hathaway does movie premieres well. At Les Miserables she flashed her bare vagina. For The Intern, you get a nipple. Maybe she thinks less of this film. There's no singing. Twice a year she... read more

Anne Hathaway: Boner Killer And Shit Around The Web

Anne Hathaway may be the least sexy woman who would never sleep with me. Think about that for a moment and how sadly it reflects on the both of us. Behold the unsexy. (Popoholic) Emma Frain shows off her bare titties. (Egotastic All-Stars) Lady Gaga totally eats it while... read more

Anne Hathaway in A Bikini

Anne Hathaway has the world's worst bukkake porn face. We know you don't like it, but put on a smiley face. Stop thinking about the drought. If this were real cum you'd feel less guilty. Anne Hathaway is one of the hardest celebrities to capture in any kind of revealing... read more

Anne Hathaway Lip Syncs (VIDEO)

Anne Hathaway miming Miley Cyrus is not as shocking as learning there's a show called Lip Sync battle on Spike. Isn't Miley Cyrus lip syncing her own songs already? Did everyone at the last Spike creative meeting try to hide in the back until the Chipotle arrived? I'm... read more

Anne Hathaway Learns to Love Herself

There comes a time in every truly obnoxious person's life when they must accept the fact that only their opinion of themselves matters. It's not easy completely dismissing the thoughts of the rest of the world and embracing the indisputable truth of your own ego. But if... read more

Anne Hathaway Vows to Be Less Horrible

Anne Hathaway is trying to seem more down to Earth to stop people from wanting to punch her oversized mouth. Around the time she won the Oscar for bleating like a menstruating cat in Les Miserables, the American public turned on their precious fucking sweetheart. Her... read more

Anne Hathaway's Nipples Look High Maintenance

If you put a seashell to your ear, you can hear Anne Hathaway's nipples bitching at you. It's not the overly obvious type of verbal incursion, more the subtle toll taking as if those nipples were the clapper on some suicide by shaving death knell. I might be projecting.... read more