Everybody's Being Murdered In Brittany Murphy's Final Movie (VIDEO)

Before she passed away in 2009 from a variety of illnesses, poisoned drugs, or a government conspiracy that made her the No. 1 threat to post-9/11 freedom, depending on which theory you choose to believe, Brittany Murphy had one last movie in the can. Something Wicked is... read more

Brittany Murphy's Dad Knows Who Killed Her

Actress Brittany Murphy died suddenly at the age of 32 back in 2009, as she reportedly collapsed in the bathroom of her home and was declared DOA by the staff at Cedars-Sinai. It was later determined that she died of pneumonia and anemia, as well as complications from... read more

Simon Monjack slept with his dead wifes mom

As you know, Simon Monjack was that worthless tub of shit who somehow tricked Brittany Murphy into marrying him, and who seemed suspicious as hell when she died. Well now take every uncomfortable shiver that ever went up your spine when you thought about him and multiply... read more

simon monjack is dead

Last Thursday was the 5 month anniversary of the death of Brittany Murphy. It was December 20th when her mom found her dead in the shower of the Hollywood Hills home she shared with her husband, Simon Monjack. But this is Hollywood, 5 months is an eternity. It's time for... read more

tuesday morning headlines

LINDSAY LOHAN - is 23, and Roberto Cavalli is 69. Good luck trying to figure out which one to feel sorry for. (wenn) JAY LENO - is planning a week of shows in New York City, to beat Letterman "on his home turf". Leno will be great there. I bet he'll have some real... read more

simon monjack is angry, fat

Over the weekend, The New York Post reported that Brittany Murphy filled a prescription for Vicodin just 11 days before she died. And then took 109 of them. That's 2.42 vicodin (*) per hour for the last 11 days of her life. Her dipshit husband told Radar the story is a... read more

brittany murphys autopsy is complete

When Brittany Murphy died, her husband Simon Monjack was adamant that it was a shocking tragedy, and was baffled when asked for any explanation. "This is what's killing all of us? How did it happen?" Asked point-blank if a drug overdose was a possible cause of death,... read more

monday afternoon headlines

THE BRITTANY MURPHY FOUNDATION - has been shut down. The charity started by her ex-husband never filed for charity status, meaning he could spend the money however he wanted. Calling this a charity is the most deceptive name since "glory hole". (wonderwall) TIGER WOODS -... read more

brittany murphy could have been saved

The LA County Coroner has determined that Brittany Murphy died on Dec. 20 at the age of 32 due to pneumonia and an iron deficiency anemia exacerbated by multiple drug intoxication. A toxicology report detailing what those drugs might have been is complete but won't be... read more

thursday morning headlines

BIG BANG THEORY - with the laugh track removed is confusing. How will I know if a joke has been told? They should have a blinking light system in the corner that tells me when to laugh. Green means laugh, Yellow means it's time to catch your breath from laughing, and... read more

pray for simon monjack

The alternate headline for this was, "People who read Tyler are fucking cool/smartasses", because above is the email and response from the fake charity Simon Monjack set up yesterday announcing a party to cash out on his wife's death, hoping that Hollywoods genuine... read more

you stay classy, simon monjack

Us magazine opens this article by asking, "Want to attend a event honoring the late Brittany Murphy?" They must have heard me say, "you're damn right I do," because after that they detail how Britanys grieving husband has set up a charity with a vague goal about helping... read more