Joanna Krupa Vacations Better Than You and Shit Around the Web

Joanna Krupa sexy vacation, Sahara Ray areola, and more! read more

Dioni Tabbers See-Through Model and Shit Around the Web

Lady Gaga's new hair, naked actresses with three names, and more! read more

2016 Grammy Awards the 49th Best Grammy Awards Ever

Grammy's music is akin to grabbing the iPod of a random teen girl chewing bubble gum and pressing shuffle play. You throw in a desperate attempt to feature every single black person in the recording industry into the mix and you have crappy Seacrest radio play music... read more

Carrie Underwood Modern Day Superhero

Carrie Underwood left her four month old baby in her car with two of her dogs. What could go wrong. According to Underwood the dogs managed to lock the doors of the car, which is widely seen as impossible outside of the cartoon universe. Do they also know how to work the... read more

The Von Trapp Great Grandkids Hated Carrie Underwood

Somehow I missed the live re-singing of the Sound of Music on NBC last night. I vowed never to watch anybody sing again ever on TV, the same day my girlfriend threw out my admittedly barbaric VHS collection of midget fights. I thought I was punishing her, but then I... read more

Carrie Underwood Is Still Good Looking

Remember when American Idol finalists were good looking women? I mean, after they were chubby women and gay men with frizzy hair, and before they were once again chubby women and gay men with frizzy hair, there was a pocket of good looking women who competed on American... read more

12-year-olds first kiss is on stage with Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood was on stage in Louisville when she saw a 12-year-old boy named Chase holding a sign asking if she would be his first kiss. And that shit worked. She called him on stage and kissed him. It wasn't hot or anything, but it was a hell of a lot better than my... read more

carrie underwood is serious

The reason most hot girls aren't good at things like softball is because who cares. Hot girls have way better things to do in high school, like prancing around and cheerleading tryouts and laughing when I ask them to prom. Carrie Underwood must have been ugly in high... read more

carrie underwood was the big winner

Last night was the Rhinestone Music Awards, and I don't know anything about country music, and I didn't look up who won. I should really stop telling people that Tyler is your Country Music Award Show Headquarters. But if you came here for that, I guess, Garth ...... read more

monday afternoon headlines

WILL FERREL - appeared in a wedding announcement on Sunday in the New York Times. The guy getting married is a production assistant on Wills new movie. Will is in the picture because he declares Right of Prima Nocta if anyone on his set gets married. (ny daily news) ... read more

carrie underwood is here to help

As previously mentioned, Carrie Underwood spent the weekend in the Bahamas.  She's such a hot girl and such a big star, it's hard to believe she had to go through 'American Idol' to get discovered. It's also hard to believe in dinosaurs or Italians. The liberal media is... read more

carrie underwood is in trouble

Carrie Underwood spent the weekend in the Bahamas at whatever the hell The Cove is, and this girl has a lot to learn about Country music. I don't like that kind of music but I do like stereotypes, and according to those she should be swimming in some cut off jeans held... read more