Charisma Carpenter Topless Gumption

Charisma Carpenter might have just turned forty-four, but her tits say otherwise. If they went to school, they'd be in Suri's class. Just kidding, Suri doesn't go to school. She needs her mind empty for the Awakening. Charisma decided to do a big fuck you to Zuckerberg,... read more

Charisma Carpenter In A Bikini

Sometimes I see older women that look this incredible and I just know there's all kind of unnatural shit going on to keep them in their youth. Surgeries, chemical cleansers, robbing Guatemalan jungle children of their souls through ritualistic blood letting. It all seems... read more


I'll pretty much take any excuse to post pictures from one of the greatest Playboy shoots ever, and the announcement that Charisma Carpenter is separating from her husband is good enough for me. says: Charisma Carpenter of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and... read more