David Schwimmer Teachable Moments (VIDEO)

David Schwimmer took time away from splitting with his cocktail waitress baby mama to launch a video series exposing common everyday moments of sexual harassment. Surprisingly, picking up your cocktail waitress didn't make the cut.  read more

Sex and the City Part 3 Seems Like a Dream

Cynthia Nixon, the unattractive one from Sex and the City, recently said she would love to do a third Sex and the City movie, and millions of women the world leaked a little leak in their high-waisted culottes. Of course Cynthia Nixon wants to do another sequel. This is... read more


I like to think I have a reasonably favorable impression of white people, but then Sex and the City made 60 million dollars and I remembered that a huge number of us are fucking idiots.  I love blaming bad things on minorities but that one falls squarely on us whites.  No... read more