Danica McKellar Isn't As Fugly As Everybody Else on DWTS

I don't understand Dancing with the Stars. Who are the stars? The hard looking Crimean immigrant dancers? The slag of former childhood stars, retired athletes, and Teen Beat covers from the 80's they dope up and dress in sequins and force to dance the rumba if they want... read more

Avril Lavigne Makes Out With Winnie Cooper

Forget every bad thing I ever said about Avril Lavigne, her stupid bloated midget first husband, her musical soul robbing Nickelback second husband, her trumped up skater persona, and even her being Canadian and therefore deserving of being locked in a cage and poked at... read more

The Girl from The Wonder Years Films an Avril Lavigne Music Video

Talk about the confluence of artistic powerhouses. Winnie Cooper and Avril Lavigne hooking up can only mean one thing -- epic music video. I almost can't wait not to ever watch it. I might be tempted, I do love Winnie Cooper, but I'll never last through the VEVO... read more