Debra Messing Recalls Her Subjugation

Speaking at the MAKERS conference for working women who can afford really expensive pantsuits, Debra Messing recalls being humiliated on the set of Walk in the Clouds, the incredibly dull 1995 war romance film with Keanu Reeves. Messing claims director Alfonso Arau... read more

Debra Messing is a natural beauty

I really hope normal girls understand that Hollywood is a complete sham and the people you see on TV look nothing like that. They're like Cartman, or a dinosaur. They don't exist. It's all computers and tricks. Debra Messing headlined a successful sitcom for years. She... read more


It takes a big man to admit that this picture of picture of Debra Messing gives him a raging hard on, but what can I say, that bitch is hot. [gallery columns="6"] read more