Diora Baird is a good model

My beloved Diora Baird is on the cover of FHM this month, and I'll never know why she isn't a huge star. I don't even mean that because of her red hair and huge tits, although those things are completely wonderful, but she's also a really good actress. Casting directors... read more

jason bateman should have stayed in the iphone line

Last Thursday, Jason Bateman was in line with 2,000 other people for the new iPhone when an Apple employee brought him inside the store so he could skip the line and get his first. On Twitter Bateman said the crowd was cool about it... "There wasn't one boo. Not one... read more

katy perry got 17 stitches

And every hack afternoon DJ in America just came in thier pants in a race to shout out, "I hope they were to close her mouth!" Ahh yes. Zing. Partying after performing at Sunday's MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Katy Perry injured herself dancing and landed in the... read more

most people seem to believe megan fox

When it was announced that Megan Fox had essentially been fired from 'Transformers 3', jealous fat girls and keyboard nerds all had a good laugh. The spaz from superficial even predicted the end of her career. It was a real low point for Megan. He may be awkwardly... read more

lindsay is so dumb it takes your breath away

Very obviously the reason Lindsay didn't come back for her court date is because she didn't feel like it. The flights weren't full and no one stole her passport. Now Lindsays mom says she has a new passport, to replace the "stolen" one, which is fascinating because the... read more

the warrant has been issued for lindsay

Lindsay Lohan was of course due in court today because she hasn't met the terms of her probation, but she skipped that because parties at Cannes have an open bar. So this morning a warrant was issued for her arrest, and bail was set at $100,000. Her attorney spoke for... read more

NBC really loves lying about Conan

Eight years ago, NBC posted a profit of 1.8 billion dollars, but since then it's been run by bumbling retards who would be required to wear water wings and a football helmet at all time in most states, so this year they will lose over 600 million dollars (source). As you... read more

diora baird is awesome

There is nothing nothing nothing on earth better than a hot girl with red hair and big tits, so it goes without saying that I have every picture ever taken of Guess model and actress (‘Star Trek', ‘Wedding Crashers') Diora Baird. But these showed up yesterday and I've... read more

Are we still doing this?

It seems impossible that we're still talking about this, but apparently we are because today there are shocking new pictures of Miss California who, other than that top she's wearing, is COMPLETELY TOPLESS!!! These pics were taken just last year.  This time, Carrie... read more


The biggest news of Comic Con this weekend may have been the premiere of the very long and very well put together trailer for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". There’s no official release yet but of course it leaked. This is as good as it gets for nerds like me. The only way... read more


For the 900th time in a row, the weekend box office numbers confirm that everyone everyone everyone hates Kirsten Dunst.  Her movie "Marie Antoinette" opened at number 8, making just $1.9 million on Friday and $2 million on Saturday.  It only opened on 859 screens, but... read more