Dita Von Teese Not Boxed In

When you are known solely for banging celebrities and stripping your clothes off it goes without saying you've gone down on a few chicks. Dita Von Teese felt the need to clarify she is no longer into pussy, most likely because whoever she's currently blowing is a jealous... read more

Dita Von Teese Flashes Nipple In The July 2014 Issue Of Flaunt Magazine

Photo Credit: Flaunt Magazine [gallery guid=803377] read more

Dita Von Teese Looking Chesty With Her Creepy Boyfriend At Coachella

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News [gallery ids="1739036,1739040,1739037,1739038,1739039,1739041,1739042"] read more

Dita Von Teese Wants Women To Smell Nicer

Because the world doesn't have enough generic fragrances made for celebrities who want to pretend they had any input in them, Dita Von Teese debuted her fourth perfume, Erotique, at a store in West Hollywood last night. I guess it's a pretty impressive feat that this is... read more

Tuesday Afternoon Headlines

JESSICA SIMPSON - is in talks with NBC for a sitcom that "would feature Simpson playing a version of herself in a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style look at her life". And it can't possibly fail because improv is the perfect vehicle for this quick-witted legend of comedy. (tv... read more