Gabrielle Union Rim Job Advocate

Equal opportunity anilingus is upon us and Gabrielle Union is leading the charge. Fearless when it comes to using her tongue to speak on sexually adventurous topics or french kissing the fart box, Union is about to become the face of a revolution. read more

Pretty Older Women In Hollywood Refusing to Wear Makeup

Nothing smells of oppression worse than retaining a full-time makeup artist to make you look all dolled up, then complaining about being made to look like a doll. read more

Gabrielle Union Plays the Race Card (also the Woman Card and the Kid Card)

Gabrielle Union says she's calling the FBI over her leaked nude photos. She insists they were private keepsakes meant for just her and Dwyane Wade and maybe Dwayne Wade's ex-wife if he chose to show them to her to taunt her about the hot new celebrity pussy he was... read more

Gabrielle Union + Las Vegas = Perfect

Back in February, there were some pretty nasty rumors that Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade was cheating on his model girlfriend Gabrielle Union with random NBA groupie skanks, and some websites even posted a letter that was allegedly written by a girl who claimed to have not... read more


I like to think this is exactly what Gabrielle Union would look like if I got on top of her to sling my ropes.  Except she wouldn’t have that content smile on her face.  Despite a media brainwashing to the contrary, experience has taught me that the female orgasm is only... read more