Gemma Atkinson in A Bikini

British TV chicks get away with being far less anorexic and paler than their American counterparts. The Emmy Awards auditorium smells like vomit and spray tan. England is more practical. Maybe it's all the bombs Hitler dropped. Or the thirty-nine percent transvestite... read more

Gemma Atkinson is a good model

Model Gemma Atkinson and her new boyfriend Liam Richards (not pictured) are in the Caribbean this week, and I have no idea who the hell Liam Richards is, but he should walk around taking pictures of every thing he sees and cherishing every moment, because this is... read more

afternoon headlines

KARL MALDEN - died today at the age of 97. He won the Academy Award in 1951 for "A Streetcar Named Desire". How did he die?  What am I, a scientist?  (source = yahoo) R KELLY - might have had his home raided by Chicago police today searching for evidence of statutory... read more