Helen Mirren Rapes Colbert

Dame Helen Mirren was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week and greeted the show host with a romantic kiss.  "If I didn't do it then, I'd never get to do it, so, you know... I have been dreaming about doing that for about, you know, fifteen years. So I just... read more

Helen Mirren Is Wasted (VIDEO)

Helen Mirren taped a Super Bowl ad for Budweiser chiding people to consume less Budweiser. It's veiled as anti-drunk driving, but reducing drinking is the obvous path to reducing drunk driving so you're telling people to buy less of your shit for their own good. A number... read more

would you?

Would you rather fuck Helen Mirren or Kirsten Dunst?  I can’t even begin to guess under what circumstances it might happen, but I really hope Helen Mirren (seen here at yesterdays London premier of “Dumbly Named Movie”) never hits on me, because I think I would fuck her. ... read more


Academy Award winning actress Helen Mirren went swimming outside her vacation home (castle, actually) in Puglia, Italy yesterday, and she wrapped her 63-year-old ass in a bikini to do it. So good news for you and your creepy geriatric lust.  Pervert. (picture source here,... read more


Is that an In-N-Out burger?  Did Helen Mirren win an Academy Award and then go hit the drive thru?  Whoa.  That's pretty cool.   Here's some other cool trivia about Helen Mirren that you maybe didn't know:  Helen Mirren is a tender lover.  Helen Mirren writes the most... read more