Helena Christensen Topless

Staring at this supermodel's tits at forty-seven or so I have a hint as to why she isn't online complaining about shit. When good fortune strikes, some people inherently know to shut the fuck up. Others feel the need to do poor people food challenges or bitch incessantly... read more

Helena Christensen Models Lingerie For Spring 2014 Triumph

Photo Credit: Triumph [gallery guid=803921] read more

Helena Christensen Models Lingerie For Triumph

Photo Credit: Triumph [gallery ids="1710522,1710532,1710542,1710552,1710562,1710572,1710582"] read more

Helena Christensens still got it

Former supermodel Helena Christensen had breakfast this morning with a friend in the west village in New York. And then after that she cackled maniacally, baked some children into a pie, and turned a king into a newt. (image source = inf) [gallery... read more

Helena Christensen in a bikini, part 2

Yesterday, 42-year-old supermodel Helena Christensen showed that she still looks pretty great in a bikini (from the neck down) but the only pictures available at the time left lots of haunting questions, such as... 1. We saw her getting out of the water, but how did she... read more

Helena Christensen is still pretty hot

Helena Cristensen was part of the wave of models who helped invent the term "supermodel", and even though she's 42 now, she's in Aosta, Italy, today in a bikini and her body still looks terrific. I almost said she looks better than most models half her age, but then I... read more


Top magazines led me to believe that Helena Christensen looked like this.  Or this.  Or this.  Maybe this.  But it turns out she doesn't.  It turns out she looks like something from a story about magic talking mice and children being baked into pies.  I'LL GET YOU FOR... read more