Jennifer Connelly in A Bikini

Remember all those politically elitist rants from Jennifer Connelly this past year? All those gender pay gap myth screeds? The announcing of lesbian and gender experimentation and the death to penis signs in seminal pro-Muslim refugee marches in Prada flats? She seems to... read more

the top 100 stories of 2009 (11-50)

50. MADONNAS ARMS - As she approaches the end of her life, it's good to know she'll die as she lived; by creeping me the fuck out. (July 27th) 49. CALL OF DUTY 2 - made 310 million dollars in it's first 24 hours. "The Dark Knight holds every Hollywood speed record, and... read more

Oh hell yes

Jennifer Connelly is in Bora Bora today with her kid and husband Paul Bettany, and I have no idea who that island had for a God before, but from now on it pretty much has to be Paul Bettany. Their old God probably killed a really big shark or something to win the job,... read more

now this is more like it

I should probably mention how alarmingly skinny Jennifer Connelly has gotten, except that I feel this is a reasonable and attainable fitness goal for most women.  She looks terrific.  Nice and thin.  And I can't help but admire her whorishly short skirt.  Although you... read more


Jennifer Connelly walked the red carpet last night for the premiere of "The Day The Earth Stood Still", and holy christ she looks skinny.  And not necessarily in the good way.  It’s like someone put a greyhound in a dress.  Although I will change my tune immediately if... read more


Jennifer Aniston is one of those very few people in Hollywood that you never ever ever hear anything nice about.  So gee guess where this is headed.  Life and Style weekly says that Aniston was set to shoot a cover for Vanity Fair featuring the female leads of "He’s Just... read more