afternoon headlines

KACEY JORDAN - is the porn star who won't stop talking about her time with Charlie Sheen, and now she even says she had an abortion last Thursday that could have been his. Or it could have been from a different celebrity the week before. She doesn't really sweat the... read more

Morning Headlines

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE - "Inglourious Basterds" crushed this weekend, pulling in 65.1M worldwide. This is good news for director Quentin Tarantino and star Brad Pitt, two big names who don't always deliver box office. A friend of mine almost didn't go see it but I told her... read more

bouncy bouncy

Jennifer Tilly is a hardcore poker player, and Saturday night she played in the Seventh Annual World Poker Tour Invitational in LA.  More importantly, she made her case as the worlds hottest 50-year-old.  And by that I mean, “tits”.[gallery guid=810063] read more


Wesley Snips is so screwed - Wesley Snipes will spend the next three years in jail after a Florida judge gave him the maximum sentence possible for evading federal income taxes from 1999 to 2001.  This was even after the judge referred to the case as a misdemeanor,... read more


Jennifer Tilly is 49 and the runaway winner of my penis in the previously uninvented Oldest Chick I Would Sling My Ropes On competition, but Cindy Crawford shouldn't take the news of her loss too hard.  She's just 41 and as you can tell by these weekend candids of her in... read more