Kat Graham Poses In Lingerie For Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson might be having his naughty Lady Gaga music video shelved, but he just keeps on rolling his machine of girls into his studio to take ordinary average photos. The photography I mean. Seeing Kat Graham from the Vampire Diaries squatting like a hot girl... read more

Kat Graham In A Bikini With a Tiny Dog

At some point when you want a tiny dog, you have to ask yourself, do I really even want a dog? When you want a sports car that hold six passengers, you don't really want a sports car. When you want to date a girl with values but also want to get laid after one... read more

Kat Graham Jogging In The Rain

Photo Credit: PCN [gallery ids="1492712,1492722,1492732,1492742,1492752,1492762,1492772,1492782,1492792,1492802,1492812"] read more