Elizabeth Hurley Bustily Ever After and Shit Around the Web

Katy Perry does the worm, Top 10 nude scenes of the year, and more! read more

Katy Perry And Warren Buffet Here To Diversify Portfolios

Katy recently confirmed that she has access to the internet and uses it for more than just watching cat videos. Unbelievable, I know. read more

Katy Perry Can’t Stop Winning, Outsmarts Nuns

Katy can really rub people the wrong way. There are so many properties for her to pick from yet she wants the holy place. I’m almost positive it’s for satanic rituals.  read more

Katy Perry Wedding Crasher

A poor woman will spend the rest of her life out-shined by Katy on her own wedding day. The bride already doesn’t want the bridesmaids looking more attractive than her. Just imagine the pressure competing with Perry when she crashes your big day just to twerk on you.  read more

Robert Patterson Drying His Tears on Katy Perry

If you wanted to make your ex jealous you should have dated Katy Perry right after Kristen. Katy Perry looks down to do everything Kristen wouldn’t in bed. She’s even into girls too and looks like the type that’s all too eager to share.  read more

Katy Perry Lends Helping Hand To Lesbian Couple

My only complaint out of this entire situation was that this wasn’t the hottest lesbian couple of all time. But Katy Perry’s ass hanging out of whatever she was wearing made up for it. read more

Jamie Lee Curtis Struggling

Former pop star Katy Perry has been toying with various looks since coming out as the wokest in all the land for her Witness album blowout, and these pics from the set of Wednesday's Good Morning America reveal that she settled on Jamie Lee Curtis' take on a technicolor... read more

Katy Perry Seductress For Cheap Ugly Shoes

Former pop starlet Katy Petty poses in a hilarious and irreverent new ad campaign featuring half-assed retro stylings and a big bear for her crappy shoe collection. Perry delivers a come-hither face that can't compete with the rest of her appearance, which screams washed... read more

Katy Perry Supports Foreign White Wash

Foreign commercials often encounter conundrums when crossing cultural boundaries to expand product exposure. Remember that Chinese commercial that washed a black guy white? That's only okay in America if you're the King of Pop. Or a king of pedophiles. read more

Badly Budgeted American Idol Offers VIP Disney Perks As Pay

Katy Perry's paycheck from American Idol caused more than enough problems for the show. Apparently the show's accountant and financial advisor are both non existent positions and everyone just sort of wings it when it comes to picking a number to pay staff. read more

Taylor Swift Reputation And Katy Perry Swish Swish And Who Cares

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been pummeling media headlines with the lead ups to their respective projects in respectively blasé, one-liner ways. While Perry claims that the two former fake rivals no longer want to pummel each other, Perry's new video for supposed... read more

Katy Perry Back Banging Bloom

With Katy claiming to kiss girls and like it, no one knows why her heterosexual relationships keep failing. read more