Kelly Rohrbach Roars Back and Shit Around the Web

Celebs in swimming pools, nudity filled DVD releases, and more! read more

Kelly Rohrbach in A Bikini

The upside of fucking Leonardo DiCpario is a rapid rise in your career prospects post-coital. The downside is every single article written about you thereafter refers to you as DiCaprio's former girlfriend before mentioning your name. read more

GQ Awards One Massive Beard Spectacle

The GQ Awards took place in London. They invite a ton of hot models to show off their tits so everybody can pretend that reading a men's style magazine isn't akin to announcing you're the "Testes Health Inspector" in the locker room at your local 24 Hour Fitness. read more

Kelly Rohrbach Burnt Ass Checked By Valet

Dudes who trek twenty miles across barren desert to enter the U.S. know you keep your skin covered in the midday sun. Valets don't get a lot in this world. A peek at Kelly Rohrbach's sunburnt ass might be your complete upside. read more

Kelly Rohrbach in A Bikini

This chick is in the closeout mode of an MMA fighter who has their opponent dazed on the mat. Baywatch street cred fades fast. Don't be the chick that people totally forgot was on Leonardo DiCaprio's bang list. Fire off wet swimsuit pictures daily. If nobody is calling,... read more

Alexandra Daddario in A Bikini On Set of Baywatch

Seeing this chick who I'm going to call that crazy big titted topless chick in the first season of True Detective shooting a scene for the Baywatch film hoisting an MTV microphone could be the signature shot for how intensely shitty this Viacom movie will be. The manner... read more

Kelly Rohrbach Seems Worth Baywatching, Get It?

Nobody's even pretending the impetus for Baywatch the Movie is anything but money. There's no creative juice beyond trying to slip hot chicks and hunky shirtless dudes into a PG-rated movie for an audience that somebody in marketing believes exists. They better hope it's... read more

Kelly Rohrbach Working Out the Shame

Half the hot models in the world have gone through the five post-DiCaprio donging stages of loss. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and What Do I Do With a DiCaprio Personal Check for $250,000? Unlike a terminal diagnosis, you sort of have to blame yourself for... read more

Michelle Rodriguez Keeps Her Bitches Bare

If I had to guess which of these models Michelle Rodriguez dug to the third knuckle last night, I'm selecting the Canadian blond chick she made go out in just her underwear. That's a boss move. All the world's best looking women showed in St. Tropez to raise money for... read more