Remember Miranda Cosgrove? This Is Her Now. Feel Old Yet?

Kylie Jenner has answered your burning question "What would a handicapped baby between Miranda Cosgrove and Lisa Rinna look like?" with a bold new look she debuted while strolling around town. The reality starlet is known for playing fast and loose with her face, but... read more

Kylie Jenner Reveals Reason For Balloon Animal Lips

Kyle Jenner is running out of revelations for the three people watching her deep fried queef casserole reality series, Life of Kylie. On last night's episode, the botched starlet opened up about the reason why it looks like a balloon animal in the shape of a sea... read more

Ladies of the Flies and Jenner Girls Ripping Off Mexicans on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #100

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we remind everybody that all your beloved entertainers of yesteryear are all now broke and renting rooms in Van Nuys, wonder how L'Oreal wandered into such bad tranny territory, consider the odds that we're going to pay to see the... read more

Low Ratings For Kylie Jenner Show May Kancel Her Kareer

Anything Kardashian family related gets an abundance of attention. So when news that Kylie Jenner is starting to blow on camera, it's actually not something you want to see.  read more

That One Where I Defend Kylie and Kendall Jenner

If you believe in Free Speech, you have to support the right of dudes with man-buns to bitch about some sparrow's migration habitat. When the world's greatest merchandising whores are piled on superfluously, you must defend the Jenners.  read more

Kylie Jenner Topless, Achieves Her Purpose

If you could track the timeline since Kylie Jenner's birth until the moment she shared her big fake breasts on camera, you'd see a natural progression to the reveal. She was doing bikini shots for cash at twelve.  read more

Britney Spears Popozao Pump-Up and Shit Around the Web

Kylie Jenner's topless debut, Jourdan Dunn caught topless, and more! read more

Kardashian Victims The Hollywood Reporter Interview

The Hollywood Reporter must have had some extra black dicks lying around, and some cheesecake for Khloé, because they were able to lure almost the entire Kardashian/Jenner klan (Caitlyn was off making America great again) to one place for a new photoshoot and interview.... read more

Kylie Jenner Depressed

Kylie Jenner battles depression while muppet mom Caitlyn Jenner hovers a chicken over her face in a harrowing preview of this Sunday's Life of Kylie. The botched celebrity can't seem to catch a break on the Internet, and in the clip, she further laments the pitfalls of... read more

Kylie Jealous Of Kendall On Flop "Life Of Kylie"

The oldest looking Bratz doll on the planet, Kylie Jenner, opens up about her jealousy over Kendall Jenner and her model coven on the new spinoff reality nightmare Life of Kylie. While Sunday's premiere had roughly the same ratings as a Bowflex infomercial and has been... read more

Xenia Van Der Woodsen Gives You Wood and Shit Around the Web

  Kim v Kylie: Who wore it better, nude cast members of American Horror Story, and more! read more

Kylie Jenner Never Got a Prom

Lost in the mandatory media adoration of Caitlyn Jenner is the fact that nee Bruce completely ceded parental decisions of his two daughters to a woman even is pea gay jock brain knew was clinically obsessed with exploitation. Also that time he killed the old lady on PCH.... read more