Well Look What The Tide Dragged In

Yesterday Lady Gaga starred in her own Insta photo shoot looking like one of those washed up tangled masses of seaweed, garbage, and small animal carcasses. Or just like a whale caught up in fishing net. Or a D-list Times Square Princess Leia impersonator on a bender. Or... read more

Lindsey Pelas Busting Out All Over and Shit Around the Web

Taco Tuesday temptresses, see-through dresses, and more! read more

Lady Gaga Got Engaged

Gaga has been engaged before. A five year relationship with Taylor Kinney that ended with no honeymoon and a break up inspired Gaga album. Getting engaged to your talent agent is just a form of rebound dick gone wrong. read more

Bud Light Sales Rep Lady Gaga Tragic Lamborghini Entrance

Former pop star Lady Gaga still thinks her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but unfortunately for her, she apparently consumed whatever milkshake she had left. Hollywood's Willy Loman took time away from drinking Pepsi in her Airbnb after hitting up Starbucks to... read more

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 64: Alia Shawkat's Nude Debut And Lady Gaga Topless

It’s a week of firsts on Amazon’s Transparent, not only does former Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat make her nude debut, the show is also making waves for showing TV’s first transgender full frontal! Over on Netflix Lady Gaga makes an outdoor business meeting a... read more

Lady Gaga Gets Touched

Former pop star Lady Gaga is still hoing out her Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, with a sense of self-importance that should be reserved for whoever cures cancer or Lena Dunham when she finally learns what to wear for her body type. A fumigation tarp. Younger... read more

Lady Gaga Has Fibromyalgia, Other News, Weight Gain Side Effect Of Lyrica

Former celebrity Lady Gaga is really limping to the barn with headline grabbers recently, first reigniting a fued with a defenseless elderly woman who's confused and scared and now coming public with her battle with Fibromyalgia on Twitter, all in the name of pimping out... read more

Lady Gaga's Cock Gets Complaints

Is anyone really surprised Lady Gaga is the proud owner of a cock? Her entire aura oozes eccentric frequencies and wavelengths. So when she chose to adopt animals found on Old Macdonald's farm nothing seemed out of place. read more

Lady Gaga All Areola And Gay Men In V Mag

The gay-baiting pro put down the Bud Light she was sipping in her Airbnb after returning from Starbucks to tell V Mag that the gays are her favorite and most valuable accessories. Like chihuahuas you carry around in designer handbags. read more

Bud Light Rep Lady Gaga Talks Feud With Madonna

If you're a diva attention whore and you're not feuding with another diva attention whore, are you even a diva attention whore? This is the fame ho existential conundrum Lady Gaga Inc. touches on in new teaser footage for her Netflix documentary Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two.... read more

Lollapalooza is Fest with Most Sex

I require a lot of bang for my buck. If I'm going to shell out cash and dedicate time off from work there needs to be a good reason.  read more

Lady Gaga Tour Outfits Problem Areas

Anyone wondering how a fading star with no one to say "no" to dresses will be excited to see Gaga's costumes from the Joanne World Tour. Her rebranded ironic New Yorker country trash lite look of recent has made way for her tired clown costumes of yesteryear. Someone's... read more