Devin Brugman Busty Beauty and Shit Around the Web

Victoria’s Secret Angels on vacation, nude debuts on DVD, and more! read more

Madonna Stalker Makes Bank After Cop Beating

It’s a good year for anyone interested in stalking their favorite celebrity. An Iowan man was cleared of all charges in stalking Kate Beckinsale. And now the man after Madonna was just awarded $455K after being served a steaming hot cup of NYC police brutality. read more

Madonna Moves Away Again

If there's a hanky big enough for a national sob, unveil it now. Madonna's moving away again. This is not Madonna's first farewell to the United States.  read more

Bud Light Rep Lady Gaga Talks Feud With Madonna

If you're a diva attention whore and you're not feuding with another diva attention whore, are you even a diva attention whore? This is the fame ho existential conundrum Lady Gaga Inc. touches on in new teaser footage for her Netflix documentary Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two.... read more

Madonna Demands Her Worn Panties Back

Madonna filed a lawsuit against an online auction site from brokering offers for her panties. It's like Sixteen Candles, or Hot Zone, since they were a previously worn pair and supposedly in CDC deep freeze. read more

Madonna Hoarding Young Men

Madonna is on to her next young victim. The Methuselah like pop singer dumped her twenty-six-year-old eldercare provider, Aboubakar Soumahoro, for the more mature thirty-one-year-old, Kevin Sampaio. read more

Madonna Naked By Popular Demand

It's hard to know by what standards to judge a naked 58-year old woman. That's why we've decided as a society not to see them. The same for teens and kids. It's not healthy for any us, despite what AARP says about the former, and middle school PE coaches say about the... read more

Madonna Old Ass Buffoon (VIDEO)

Universal has picked up a script called Blonde Ambition, about Madonna's early days as an up and comer in New York City, nude modeling, sleeping in gutters and whatever else happened in the movie she based her life on. read more

Madonna Transatlantic Baby Trade and Johnny Depp's $30K a Month Wine Tab on Last Men on Earth Podcast #76

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast Matt and I profoundly discuss the ramifications of a nationwide Woman Strike, how Lady Gaga came to invent her own body shaming and nobody cares, why Budweiser isn't actually the beer of the tolerant pacifists, how Johnny Depp can... read more

Madonna Nabs Two More African Kids for Her Collection

As Madonna's older kids are reaching teen years and disavowing her for being horrible and self-serving, she's replacing them with African toddlers who know their place. Is Mom pegging gay Moroccan dancers half her age? Like I care. Last week I was eating bugs and floating... read more

You Misunderstood Madonna, This One's on You

It's unlikely Madonna believes the bulk of her simpleton political rhetoric. Everything Madonna does is some offshoot of a mission statement to remain socially relevant to younger people who are less discerning in their musical tastes. read more

Madonna Loses It At Women's Rights March (VIDEO)

There are probably a decent amount of men and women who voted for Trump to piss off annoying self-righteous assholes like Madonna. In fact, 40 percent of women who voted cast their ballot for Trump. Casting a ballot seems much more important than simply voting in your... read more