Michelle Rodriguez Girl Power Move

Michelle Rodriguez has made herself a mini fortune portraying a tough chick in a wife beater in various movies where she has to snarl but look feminine enough to fuck the leading man. Trick of the trade onscreen. Offscreen she's fucking the leading lady.    read more

Riley Keough Comes at Night in This Week's Mr. Skin Minute

Elvis' granddaughter, Michelle Rodriguez's nude debut, and more! read more

Michelle Rodriguez Es Muy Caliente And Shit Around The Web

Michelle Rodriguez shows what a bikini body is supposed to look like. read more

Michelle Rodriguez Is a Man, Baby

In the new movie, The Assignment, Michelle Rodriguez plays a guy hit man who is knocked out and surgically transformed into a chick hit man. Presumably to kill somebody important in a North Carolina Target women's room.  read more

Michelle Rodriguez Does Trans Right

In 'The Assignment', Michelle Rodriguez plays a double crossed hitman who's surgically recomposed into a butch Dominican chick with a sneer. Who else could play this role?  read more

Michelle Rodriguez Tripping

Ayahuasca is a brew of hallucinogenic plants drunk by the indigenous people of Peru in spiritual rituals. As with everything else once sacred to loin cloth wearing natives, rich people stole it and turned it into a New Age product for sale on celebrity luxury merchandise... read more

On Michelle Rodriguez's Armpit Hair And Shit Around The Web

Michelle Rodriguez tried to convince the world of what a badass feminist pansexual she is again today by showing how long her armpit hair has gotten. That's straight out of the sophomore in college pissing off their parents crypto-feminist handbook. Next she'll pretend... read more

Michelle Rodriguez in a Bikini

Michelle Rodriguez pulled anchor on her lesbian love boat and set a course for adventure off the coast of Italy. It's like when the Barbary pirates arrived and hung their flag in the harbor. Shore folk were equal parts frightened and excited, divided along the lines of... read more

Michelle Rodriguez Just Banged a Chick and Got Away By Jet Ski

Michelle Rodriguez doesn't have time for the idiotic am I or am I not a lesbian celebrity crap. You're fronting on Twitter while she's boning women two at a time. Rodriguez rents a yacht literally called the Ecstasea off the coast of St. Tropez and shuttles celebrity and... read more

Michelle Rodriguez Keeps Her Bitches Bare

If I had to guess which of these models Michelle Rodriguez dug to the third knuckle last night, I'm selecting the Canadian blond chick she made go out in just her underwear. That's a boss move. All the world's best looking women showed in St. Tropez to raise money for... read more

Michelle Rodriguez And Toni Garrn Foreplay

Each May, Michelle Rodriquez and her love boat troll the French Riviera on a hot girl pussy hunt. Rodriguez entices the women attending the Cannes film festival to come take a three hour tour in lawless international waters. You gotta see the fish. That's Leo DiCaprio's... read more

Michelle Rodriguez Likes Superman White And Shit Around The Web

Michelle Rodriguez got panties in a bunch over the weekend by saying that minorities shouldn't steal superhero roles from white male actors she likes to bone when hetero phasing. She said instead minorities should push for new minority superheroes to play in their own... read more