Emily Ratajkowski Midnight Express and Shit Around the Web

  Pierced model nipples, pornstars give back, and more! read more

Minka Kelly Has 2 Years Left

It's not for me to say how long a woman has left to find a guy without credit problems, but I'm giving Minka Kelly and her breasts two years. You can clock it from July rumors that she was Sean Penn's rebound hump after Charlize Theron's drugs wore off and she snatched... read more

Sean Penn New Pussy

After losing his last inexplicably hot younger famous girlfriend, Sean Penn has moved on to thirty-five year old dubiously employed model and actress Minka Kelly, yet he still doesn't have a holiday. Kelly is a fixture on the Beverly Hills charity circuit, which just so... read more

Minka Kelly Is Getting Back Into Jeter Shape

When Derek Jeter finally retires from being forced to like Alex Rodriguez at the end of this baseball season, there will be a lot of questions surrounding his next move, including which girl he's going to have a lot of sex with. That means it's time for Minka Kelly to... read more

Minka Kelly Is Still Perfect

I don't know if Minka Kelly is a neo-Nazi or if she has horrendous IBS and shits her pants every six seconds or if she's simply the worst human being on the face of the planet, but the fact that she isn't a bigger actress than she is simply astounds me. Jessica Alba is... read more

Minka Kelly. Has a sex tape.

It seems like every celebrity sex tape always has at least one major problem. Either it's a celebrity you never actually wanted to see have sex, or the footage shakes around like they're being chased by the Cloverfield monster, or there's some weird filter as if I'm... read more

Minka Kelly knows how to wear a summer dress

Minka Kelly was in Washington DC yesterday, and just in case her dress wasn't cut low enough for you to see her tits, she was nice enough to walk right at the camera. Should I buy her some flowers now or something, because I feel like we're pretty much boyfriend and... read more

Minka Kelly's Dog is on a Leash. Good, Just Checking.

Now that I found a way to legitimize gazing into Minka Kelly's ass in yoga pants, go ahead and gaze into Minka Kelly's ass in yoga pants. Brendon would have wanted it this way. [gallery ids="999252,999261,999262,999302,999301,999282,999291,999272,999322,999312,999311"] (... read more

Minka Kelly might be dating Fez now

The NY Daily News says that Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderamma were seemingly together Saturday night at Beachers Madhouse in Hollywood, with a friend of his adding that the two are "getting to know each other". Which doesn't even sound ridiculous now that Elisabetta... read more

Minka Kelly is perfect all the time

Minka Kelly was out in Beverly Hills yesterday, and when you're as pretty as she is the universe perfectly lights you and gently blows your hair so you look like a shampoo commercial all the time. And when you see her in real life, it's in slow motion, everything around... read more

Minka Kelly doesnt need make up

Some Hollywood stars (Katherine Heigl) who are considered hot actually look like (Katherine Heigl) hell in day to day real life (Hi Katherine Heigl!). But then there are timeless beauties like me and Minka Kelly, who arrived in Washington DC today without a stitch of... read more

Minka Kelly and 'Angels' are off to a bad start

Look, I get that every movie and TV show, especially ones with action, are filled with stuff that's impossible, with things that people can't do, but there's a point when you cross a line from "this is bad ass" to "that's just fucking stupid". Like the movie ‘Hanna',... read more