eva longoria can clear up this nicollette sheridan thing

Yesterday it was reported that Nicollette Sheridan is suing Marc Cherry, the creator of ‘Desperate Housewives', and alleging that he slapped her in the face, then fired her when she threatened to report him. It's a wild story, but luckily Eva Longoria was on Ryan... read more

nicollette sheridan got slapped in the face

Nicollette Sheridan has made some astounding claims about Marc Cherry, the creator of "Desperate Housewives," alleging he SLAPPED HER IN THE FACE after she questioned something in the script, then fired her when she threatened to tell on him. No one likes a tattle-tale,... read more

This hot bitch is 46

Nicollette Sheridan hit the beach in Malibu yesterday with the worlds happiest dog, and it's crazy to think that this sexy bitch is 46-years-old (Nicollette, not the dog). Her house must be on some wormhole that bends the laws of time and space. Like if we could see the... read more

nicollette missed a spot

"Desperate Housewives" star Nicolette Sheridan hit up Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night, and apparently was too rushed getting out the door to pack everything where it belongs.  She’s apparently … um … hm.  Let’s just say if you were going down on her, you’d have to... read more


I'm really surprised that it’s almost November, yet Nicolette Sheridan is still prancing around in a bikini.  I thought this was just gonna be a summer thing, like fireworks or pressuring some model to get an abortion.(picture source = bauer griffin) [gallery guid=800139]... read more


Nicolette Sheridan hit the beach in Malibu again yesterday in damn near nothing, and it was every bit as awesome as that sounds.  I don't know why she ever wears anything else.  In all the Desperate Housewives fan fiction I write, she's in nothing but bikinis.  I don’t... read more


Even at the age of 44, Nicollette Sheridan won the bikini contest this weekend in Malibu, as she pranced around the beach and put to shame the bodies of girls half her age.  This whore has been super hot for like 25 years now.  She really should be more famous, but from... read more


"Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan is in St Barts this week with her boyfriend Michael Bolton (not the guy from Office Space) and at one point yesterday she almost ran right out of her bikini top (bam).  And, yeah, that was pretty much it.  Look, I can't hold... read more