Olivia Wilde Breastfeeding Points

There's a quiet dignity in being part of the hundred million women a year who breastfeed their babies without so much as a selfie or Instagram shoutout to woman power. At some point wealthy celebrity women having kids in their 30's decided that snapping photos of their... read more

Amy Adams Tits and Olivia Wilde Bush, It's the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

My ass used to be enslaved to SpinMedia, which was fucking horrible. They spent like Bernie Sanders not using other people's money. Now I'm in deep to the guys who own Mr. Skin. Which is superior because they trade in tits. I don't know what's going on with the dollar or... read more

Olivia Wilde Unleashes Bush

HBO knows where it's bread is buttered. It's buttered in tits. As an example, see every single show on HBO. In the latest episode of HBO's new original series, Vinyl, Olivia Wilde went full frontal. Vinyl is set in the 1970s. Before men convinced women to shear and wax... read more

Jason Sudeikis Played the Shit Out of That Fiddle

Jason Sudeikis ghosted Olivia Wilde after they first met. Sadly, it was the first definition of the slang in the Urban Dictionary, not the far more inventive second: In order to ghost a girl, you must begin having anal sex with her against a window. After a little while,... read more

Olivia Wilde in A Bikini

Olivia Wilde took a break from her bikini vacation to Tweet out a mention of the anniversary of Sandy Hook and a call for the kind of ambiguous gun control laws celebrities call for from their Maui vacation homes. It'a a burden being a person who abhors the mindless... read more

Olivia Wilde, Hero

Olivia Wilde wrote a blowhard essay to accompany her Self magazine photo shoot which repeatedly referenced how she is not in good shape after giving birth and graphically referred to wearing "ice diapers" to cool her birth jets. "In fact, I'm softer than I've ever been,... read more

Olivia Wilde Wears A Tiny Bikini

I could see fathering children with Olivia Wilde. I know exactly how it would go down starting with the eliciting of wallowing pity. People talk about sympathy fucks like they're somehow unworthy of being called sex. Everybody has an agenda for hopping in the sack and if... read more

Olivia Wilde's Tit Looks Perfectly Natural

I can't tell which is worse. Women who still pretend there's a public breastfeeding controversy or people like me who drum up fake stories about public breastfeeding controversy as an excuse to show you a baby sucking on Olivia Wilde's tit? We're probably both going to... read more

Olivia Wilde Is Challenging Us Now

You wouldn't think that Olivia Wilde is pregnant just by looking at her, because even though she's something like 12 months along, she has looked great in almost every situation she's been spotted in. In fact, it's almost like she's playing a game at this point and... read more

Olivia Wilde Still Looks Pretty Great

Jessica Simpson was on Good Morning America yesterday to push Weight Watchers by bragging about how much weight she's lost since having her second child, which is interesting because she looks about as comfortable as a gay couple at a Duck Dynasty cast party in every... read more

Olivia Wilde Makes Pregnancy Look Easy

Further proving that she's possibly the most perfect woman on this planet, Olivia Wilde was out in Los Angeles for lunch yesterday, and you can barely even tell that she's pregnant. Maybe it's because of some dark, Satanic secret, or maybe it's because she's wearing a... read more

Hey There, Amy Adams's Breasts

Amy Adams was one of the stars in attendance for the Closing Night Gala presentation of "Her" at the 51st New York Film Festival, and I know this because her tits were there, too. A lot of people are probably going to criticize Amy for walking around with her breasts... read more