Pamela Anderson's Son Dresses Her

There are two reasons a grown son might dress his own mother. The first involve a series of limited but very popular category tabs on Xhamster. The second means you won't be attending his wedding to a woman any time soon read more

Paul Allen Hosts A Has-Been Boat Party

Only billionaires can afford custom built luxury yachts because only billionaires can afford to lose tens of millions of dollars a year in operating cost and depreciation. Even Jennifer Lawrence finally being paid the same as her male co-stars could at best afford a... read more

Pamela Anderson "Affair" With WikiLeaks Founder

Pamela Anderson will be 50 in July. Look at her face if you need proof. The former porn star and current grab bag of bones and silicon is opening up about her "affair" with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. read more

Pamela Anderson Still Gushing

Pamela Anderson is doing a shitty job disguising her loin moisture for lesser Bond movie villain, looking Julian Assange. According to Ecuadorian Embassy scuttlebutt, Anderson's visited Assange in his diplomatically protected lair a half dozen times. read more

Pam Anderson Dripping WikiLeaks and Mama June Fap Worthy on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #80

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we delve into the vagina poetry of Pamela Anderson for her stud Julian, Matt shockingly calls Mama June a trailer park 6 or 7, Snoop fake shoots Trump but real shoots other people, I defend Justin Bieber for being spiteful midget... read more

Pamela Anderson Pens Love Poem to Julian Assange

Girls pen sappy odes to love as emotionally overwrought pubescents. It's a sign the hormones are flowing. You may change genders in high school if you're not totally impressed by your chromosomal selection or you'd simply like to use a dirtier bathroom. read more

Pamela Anderson Is Not a Top Get

It's not that every single tiny country doesn't deserve their own version of vacuous model competition shows, but if you were overrun by the Germans in under two weeks, you ought to think about forming larger entertainment blocs. read more

Pamela Anderson Might've Killed WikiLeaks

Pamela Anderson was a busy beaver in London. In the morning she posted protest letters to the new British Prime Minister urging her to prohibit elephants from being used in circuses. In the afternoon, she brought a vegan lunch to Julian Assange in the Ecuadoran embassy... read more

Gretchen Carlson Pro-Cash and Pamela Anderson Anti-Jizz on The Last Men On Earth Podcast #59

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we explore the legitimacy of nude models with Hep C preaching an anti-porn message, wonder aloud if Megan Rapinoe or Colin Kaepernick has the bigger dick, question how Melissa Click got hired into a new professorial job without... read more

Pamela Anderson Topless and Protesting Porn

Pamela Anderson has joined forces with Shmuley Boteach, the effusive rabbi Michael Jackson enlisted to help him put a theological face on his child raping, to put the verboten on pornography. Not your traditional Christian ministry combo pack for a good old-fashioned... read more

Pam Anderson Misses School

Pamela Anderson recently lamented the loss of the Playboy mystique. Between the magazine transitioning to PG-rated listicles and the Mansion going on the market, the Playboy that she once knew has passed. Anderson referred to her time at the Playboy Mansion as her... read more

Pamela Anderson Cruelty Free

Pamela Anderson announced her line of zero animal product footwear. Pammies. It's a stupid name but if you're pulling plastic for vegan pumps designed by Pamela Anderson, you're well past caring about names. I'm not the designer. Celebrities are not designers. I don't... read more