Rachel Bilson's Very Bad Year

With the removal of Hayden Christensen from her life it didn’t mean she was instantly relieved from all of her problems. Aside from the cause of the break-up possibly being an affair with Emma Roberts, Rachel is also dealing with robbery. I read more

Rachel Bilson Broke Up With Hayden Christensen

10 years is a long time to be with anyone. I have been barely able to commit to cell phone contracts for the required two years without boredom seeping in and wondering what was next after only six months. read more

Jennifer Aniston's Cleavage Misses Brad Pitt Too and Shit Around the Web

Sommer Ray, Demi Lovato, Antonio Banderas co-stars nude, and more! read more

Devin Brugman Busting Out and Shit Around the Web

The SI Swimsuit Search continues, Ronja Furrer goes topless, and more! read more

Rachel Bilson in a Bikini Top on Some CW Show

I've never heard of the Heart of Dixie, but now I must admit I'm interested. It just has to be another wonderful show in the long line of epically wonderful CW shows that the Smithsonian is always trying to get copies of for the underground vaults. Girls in wet bikini... read more

Rachel Bilson In A Bikini In Barbados

Girls get incredibly more fun when you take them somewhere far away. Rachel Bilson is the height of annoying modesty when on American soil, but take her offshore to a place like Barbados and suddenly she's in a tiny bikini running along the beach like an escaped convict.... read more

Rachel Bilson is still fantastically hot

It's nothing short of stunning to see that Rachel Bilson is still with Hayden Christensen, because she's one of the hottest girls in Hollywood, and he's a whiny jackass. And yet here they are on a beach in Barbados today. Take my word on it. You can only barely see him... read more

Tuesday headlines, with Rachel Bilson in leather shorts

KATIE HOLMES - is not pregnant, according to her rep, who says the picture that started this rumor, "looks doctored". To which Tom Cruise nervously asked, "Wait, so are you saying it's fake or that the doctor made her pregnant again?" (e!) KELLY BROOK - was nearly 5... read more

Rachel Bilson is in a bikini, part 2

Yesterday morning there were tons of pictures from the weekend of Rachel Bilson in a red bikini on a beach in Barabdos. Long story short; her ass is fantastic. But there were also pictures of her in a black bikini, and I set those aside to post later in the day. Now,... read more

Rachel Bilson is in a bikini

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are apparently not broken up like they're supposed to be, and to prove it this weekend they were on the beach in Barbados. If you don't know, Rachel is the perfect looking one in the red bikini. Hayden is the pasty one with a sunken... read more

Rachel Bilson is so underrated

Rachel Bilson was in Paris last night for extra-fancy designer Roberto Cavallis 40th Anniversary Party and... god... she's just so pretty. She looks so pure and innocent and perfect, she's like an angel, I'm not even sure I could have sex with her. I would feel bad about... read more

rachel bilson is single

Unthinkably cute Rachel Bilson has been engaged to undeserving dummy Hayden Christensen since 2008, but Us magazine says they've broken up. At least for now. Bilson flashed a ringless finger on the red carpet of the Take No Prisoners event in L.A. Wednesday night. When... read more