Robin Wright Topless, Bored, Underpaid

Robin Wright and her "tiny sprinkle of botox" take to The Edit magazine to pose topless and discuss the trials and tribulations of affluent womanhood. Seventy-five-year-old Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson hits all the prerequisite high notes as the interviewer. read more

Robin Wright Victimized By Gender Pay Gap for Up To Eleven Seconds

Robin Wright spoke to a Gender Pay Inequality crowd at the Rockefeller Foundation, sharing her harrowing experience of victimization and oppression in compensation for her work on House of Cards. Wright discovered that she was only earning $420,000 per episode compared to... read more

Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are at the beach

No one asked for it, bet here are pictures of Naomi Watts and Robin Wright at the beach anyway, filming ‘The Grandmothers' today in Sydney, and the pictures are every bit as sexy as that title implies. It's like a grainy Lands End catalog. (image source = bauer griffin... read more


Robin Wright filed for divorce from Sean Penn on December 21st after 11 years of marriage, and although the only reason given was the always dull "irreconcilable differences", Star magazine has a far more interesting version of what went wrong. It all started innocently... read more