Rumer Willis Sober For Half A Year

Rumer Willis celebrated six months of sobriety in a very public humble brag on Instagram. Not that you shouldn't be proud of being second or third longest running un-drunk in your nuclear family, but the very notoriety seems like an undue pressure.    read more

Rumer Willis Got a Job

This is one of those things that you heard a few months ago maybe but didn't sink it that it could be true. Rumer Willis got a job. It's a big moment for thrice remarried parents when their kid gets her first paycheck. Even if she's now twenty-eight.  read more

Rumer Willis Jawline Bullied

Rumer Willis claims Vanity Fair Photoshopped her jaw to several evolution iterations past Cro-Magnon. Willis posted the previously unseen photo to Instagram then asked everybody to please remove it from their accounts. Somebody got into mom's Whip-Its. read more

Rumer Willis Going Strong

Apparently there is something called the Dancing With The Stars Tour where you can pay $150 to see bad stripping while sitting amongst dudes with lengthy sex crime rap sheets. Rumer Willis is on the tour, but apparently unable to dance due to stress fractures in her feet... read more

Rumer Willis Commemorates Her Win

Rumer Willis went balls to the wall on a new tattoo on her arm featuring herself in her winning number on Dancing with the Stars. Even rappers have begrudgingly maintained the line in the sand over drawing pictures of yourself on yourself, but then they've never won a... read more

Rumer And Demi Self Exploitation

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore dressed up as twins and pretended they weren't praying on your most base of sexual fantasies. I don't know where the mother/daughter thing ranks in terms of the bed post notch pantheon but I'd put it somewhere below actual twins and most... read more

Rumer Willis Winner's Ass

Victory in that TV dancing show has brought clarity of purpose to Rumer Willis. This triumphant post of her tight bikini backside is the perfect statement that you don't have to be good at everything. Can you dance and do you have a nice ass? Accentuate the positive.... read more

Tallulah Willis One Upper

Tallulah Willis went on Instagram and shared a bunch of pictures of her tits as her more camera friendly sister won Dancing With The Stars. Tallulah turned up to watch the finale along with her famous parents, as at least one appearance was contractually mandated in... read more

Rumer Willis Ass

It's good to see the idle rich taking up hobbies that don't involve booze or politics. Dancing with the Stars has proven to be a launching pad for many careers in low budget reality television and hanging out at the Coffee Bean's talking about who you almost worked with... read more

Demi Moore Cleans Up To Watch Daughter Dance

According to RadarOnline, whose accuracy relies heavily on the broken clock metaphor, Demi Moore has freed herself of drugs and bad men and the demons that infect rich beautiful people because God hates perfect. She's completely committed to helping her daughter win the... read more

Rumer Willis Has Been Busy

It'd be presumptuous to attribute Rumer Willis' die hard Instagram picture barrage to one night of scissor kissing with that practiced British-browed vagina hunter. Let's say mostly inspired by. When your square jaw sets to quivering from the love whose name we dare not... read more

Cara Delevingne Bags a Willis

Cara Delevingne is rapid tonguing her way through disaffected young female Hollywood. I can't remember which Willis girl Rumer is. The one who looks like Bruce, drinks like a fish, and hasn't worked in a decade. Fuck, I can't narrow it down. Rumer left a bar in West... read more