Human Pug Calls Sofia Vergara a Bitch

Entitlement attitude will always lead to an argument. No middle aged woman with five pounds of make up on her face has ever been happy for a woman hotter and younger than her. Sofia Vergara vs. Teresa Giudice, round one. read more

Jim Parson’s Huge Payday

If you’re a straight white male involved in the entertainment business in 2017 it’s basically you versus everyone else at this point. Even though the majority of American society doesn’t bat an eye at anyone being gay anymore, you’re still looked at as the underdog. Win... read more

Sofia Vergara Unreal Naked

Forty-five-year-old Sofia Vergara gets the Photoshop assist in a new nude spread for Women's Health making Internet headlines. The magazine should come with cyanide packets - like magazine perfume samples - for middle-aged women previously proud of their twenty Lean... read more

Sofia Vergara Selling Panties For The Poor

Sofia has chosen to donate 10% of sales to impoverished women in foreign lands to start businesses. The women don't actually get to keep the money, it provides capital for loan allowances. It wasn't hard enough to live on two dollars per week as a poor woman in India, now... read more

Sofia Vergara Bikinis On Vacation And Shit Around The Web

Muy caliente hottie Sofia Vergara takes her giant tits on vacation. They call them tetas in Spanish. Also, too expensive for pesos any longer. read more

Sofia Vergara Sued By Her Own Embryos

When Nick Loeb was banging Sofia Vergara everybody assumed he had her passport and some kind of blackmail worthy content to make that all go down. Loeb has some cash for sure, but less than Vergara who is currently the highest income TV actress in the known universe. read more

Sofia Vergara Gets Engaged And Shit Around The Web

Latina tit monster Sofia Vergara got engaged over the holiday to the werewolf bohunk from True Blood, Joe Manganiello. Not to sound bi-curuous unsure, but both of these people are ridiculously hot. I look forward to their sex tape. Read all about their disgusting joy. (... read more

Sofia Vergara's Tits Deserve Better And Shit Around The Web

The Internet got its collective panties in a bunch after last night's Emmys because of an unfunny bit with Sofia Vergara. The Television Academy President literally put her on a spinning pedestal to show their commitment to always giving viewers something interesting to... read more

Sofia Vergara Tit's Seem Happy

If you're still amped to see Justin Timberlake in concert, you're probably not ready to settle down with the fried onions toppings guy from Florida. You need the swarthy hunk from True Blood. I get that. I don't care if you're 22 or 42, those massive tits are not ready... read more

Sofia Vergara Makes Kmart Seem Bouncier

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara has been a spokesperson for Kmart since 2011, so this isn't really anything new, but considering most people didn't even know that Kmart had a website, it seems like her modeling efforts for the company should still be commended. As the ... read more

Sofia Vergara In A Sexy Photo Shoot For The May 2014 Issue Of Women's Health

Photo Credit: Women's Health [gallery guid=803876] read more

Sofia Vergara Poses In Lingerie For The November Issue Of GQ India

Photo Credit: GQ [gallery guid=804767] read more