Suzanne Somers Pie To The Face

Somebody sick of Suzanne Somers bragging about how her husband services her senior snatch daily took a shaving cream pie to her face outside Dancing With the Stars rehearsal. I think it was her dance partner who still has nightmares about his beard wife's similar demands... read more

Suzanne Somers Is Having More Sex Than Miley Cyrus

Whenever somebody tells me anything about their sex life, I'm always thinking just one thing. Unless it involves Katherine Heigl and two donkeys, I've heard it before. Still, some people just insist on sharing. Especially older people who are still getting it on. You... read more


A group of physicians is claiming that Suzanne Somers' new book on hormone therapy is filled with misleading claims and could be dangerous if taken at face value.  In the book, Somers recommends a "bioidentical hormone-replacement therapy in which supplemental doses of... read more