Taylor Swift Wrote A Vogue Poem

Let go of the ones who hurt youLet go of the ones you outgrowLet go of the words they hurl your wayas you’re walking out the doorThe only thing cut and dryIn this hedge-maze lifeIs the fact that their words will cutbut your tears will dry read more

Time's Person Of The Year A Bunch Of "Silence Breakers" But Mostly Taylor Swift

The magazine that your great-grandparents got all of their breaking Dust Bowl news from, Time Magazine, has managed to stay relevant for yet another year by awarding its Person of the Year distinction to a bunch of women who have experienced sexual... read more

What Vogue Editor Wrote About Taylor Swift Inc. Will Give You Diarrhea

I like to believe that Taylor Swift Inc. has reached the Born This Way era of her career - meaning that audiences are getting tired of her schtick, sniffing out the realization that she would refinance their mortgages at low low rates if she thought she could make a buck,... read more

Taylor Swift Sig Heils and Rose McGowan Heroism Non Pareil on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #109

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we broke new ground on the Rose McGowan as classic heroine argument, supportTaylor Swift against charges of pop Naziism followed by supporting Larry David's concentration camp humor, draw straws to see who shall speak at Lamar... read more

Taylor Swift, Alt-Right Anthem Queen

The civil liberties organization fired off a letter to Taylor Swift this week, demanding she call her legal dogs off of a small, leftist blogger. read more

Taylor Swift Inc. Naked Robot Thing

The brevity of Taylor Swift's relationships is finally making sense now that we know, thanks to her revealing new music video, that she, in fact, does not have a vagina. What we always suspected. Swift Inc.'s music video teaser posted to Instagram looks like an ad for a... read more

Taylor Swift Las Vegas Jackpot

Business savvy bowl of expired plain yogurt Taylor Swift would capitalize on a national tragedy if she could. And, she basically has. While some people waited in line for hours to donate blood to victims of Monday's horrific Las Vegas shooting - the deadliest shooting in... read more

Taylor Swift Sued For Swiping Song Lyrics

Taylor has been trademarking phrases for merch to make herself that much richer. Karma came back and now the legal battle of who can be more petty, singer or songwriter, has begun.  read more

Taylor Swiftly Trademarks Phrases From Album

Sharing is caring only applies to those who probably eat paste and are still in need of potty training. Taylor Swift is a ways away from kindergarten. When you're a celebrity getting ahead means nothing is free. read more

The Un-Illuminati Messages in Taylor Swift Music Video

In the event you're not living vicariously through Taylor Swift, you may have missed the countless Swift real fake life story symbolism in her new music video, Look What You Made Me Do.  read more

Open Post: Taylor Swift's Creepy UPS Ad

Since there are too many unanswered questions with Taylor Swift's frankly troubling new ad for UPS, and her poorly-received image reboot in general, I decided to make this mess an open post so hopefully one of you can enlighten us as to what exactly is going on. Does... read more

Taylor Swift's Neo-Nazi Hate Speech Kind of Over-Produced

Nobody seems to have a clear definition of hate speech. One might suggest a song filled with vitriol and intimations of a hit list and karma and violence and "you'll get yours" would be in the running. read more