Tila Tequila Anti-Muslim Crusader

When missionary and Tila Tequila are in the same sentence and it means spreading her beliefs instead of her legs it’s a clear sign the world is ending.  read more

Twitter Is a Shitty Parent

Twitter has 974 million accounts. About a third of those are active users, the rest bots or dummies or abandoned accounts. Every year Twitter makes a big deal about suspending a minuscule fraction of active accounts for abusive behavior. read more

Tila Tequila Hearts Hitler

Tila Tequila went on a pro-Hitler social media spree in honor of the Austrian painter's birthday. She Photoshopped herself into pictures with him and lauded his achievements. No mention of his micro-penis. That would be tacky on his special day. "And happy birthday to my... read more

Tila Tequila Needs A Fucking Sofa

Timeshares used to be the standard by which you could measure people's fondness for really shitty investments. Now it's buying a divan for Tila Tequila while she plans the earth's defense against reptilian alien invaders. The former MySpace star turned porn star turned... read more

Tila Tequila Is Still A Moron And Shit Around The Web

Tila Tequila, that pint-sized conspiracy loving cum sponge, tweeted a pic of her kid dressed like Hitler. Doesn't she know she'll be the first one thrown in the showers by her kids future final solution. Check out little Adolf Tequila. (The Superficial) Sylvie Meis in a... read more

Tila Tequila Is Evicted And Shit Around The Web

Bat shit crazy Tila Tequila was kicked off Big Brother UK because of her love of Hitler. You remember, how much she loves the Fuhrer. Even though she's Asian fusion or whatever the fuck. Read about this Nazi cum sponge's latest troubles. (TMZ) Nina Kristin Fiutak takes a... read more

Tila Tequila Doesn't Need Porn Awards

Tila Tequila is humble in her victories and gonorrheic in her defeats. No sooner did she win best celebrity sex tape at the AVN Awards for Anal Plunge 2: Tila Pretends To Have an Unauthorized Sex Tape, than she announced Farrah Abraham can have the trophy. She just wants... read more

Tila Tequila Reproduces

Turns out, Tila Tequila is still alive. She's also reproducing. She posted on her blog that she gave birth to a baby girl, which really irritated the general public who by and large assumed she was either dead in a Gainesville motel or well on her way to being dead in a... read more

I Wonder if Tila Tequila Is Still Pregnant

What lies within this reproductive sac may just be the ruin of our civilization. But fuck it, who doesn't get misty eyed when a new life comes into this world. Things aren't going super smoothly between this apocalyptic reaper's parental units. Tila has been making... read more

Tila Tequila Reveals Who Knocked Her Up

Tila Tequila revealed that her baby daddy is some d-bag named Thomas Paxton Whitaker. I can't believe I care enough to ask who the fuck is that? With three names I assumed he was either a child rapist or a progressive housewife, but, no, he's a struggling musician who... read more

Tila Tequila Pregnant With Whoreby

Tila Tequila is knocked up with not one but two little womb trolls. The Hitler apologizing bisexual porn star with occasionally flipping on suicidal tendencies announced the startling news on Good Friday, because her having a baby is the reason Jesus died for our sins.... read more

The Tila Tequila Sex Tape Is Here, Again

If you happen to love seeing Hitler apologists with routine psychotic breaks take a big dong up their dumper, then Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting is going to be your Hunger Games for 2014. I guess ranting about the Illuminati online doesn't pay like it used to, so... read more