TV Academy Tries To Stop Whitney Houston Emmy Auction

Some of Whitney Houston's less talented family members are attempting to auction off an Emmy she won 30 years ago just like she would have wanted. She was a crack head. Don't impute standards. read more

Bobbi Kristina Never Had a Chance

Being the kid of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown is like winning the lottery where you get money but everything else in your life is supremely fucked up forever more. So, just like the regular lottery. Just for kicks, the authorities are calling Bobbi Kristina face down... read more

Whitney Houston's Mom Not Down For Biopic

There is a Lifetime movie about Whitney Houston's life in the works, but her mom doesn't want it to move forward. Cissy Houston is apparently concerned the movie will distort the facts of Whitney's life, like that she was a crackhead or was married to Bobby Brown or... read more

Whitney Houston Superfan Buys Her Old House

In Los Angeles, 1.5 million gets you a junior sized bungalow where Judy Garland used to chase downers with whiskey while screaming at Liza for being such an ugly baby. But in New Jersey it gets you Whitney Houston's 13,000 square foot home on five acres with a tennis... read more

Whitney to be 'celebrated' at Clive Davis' Grammy party

Considering that Whitney Houston was found dead just house before Clive Davis' annual Grammy party, in the same hotel where the party was being held, many thought he might cancel things this year. But this is Hollywood so fuck that. Instead they're calling it a... read more

Bobbi Kristina is marrying her "adopted brother"

Whitney Houston believed the children were our future, teach them well and something something, but not if you're a drug addict. Crack heads shouldn't be teaching the children a god damn thing. But Whitney did and now her daughter Bobbi Kristina is a gap toothed idiot... read more

Whitney Houstons daughter got a WH tat

Bobbi Kristina and her pussy-whipped boyfriend went out last night and got some tattoos of doves and "WH" on their wrists in honor of today, Whitney Houston's 49th birthday. Bobbi tweeted: "Once it hits 12 am mommy it's your birthday & I am going2celebrate it2thee... read more

lets all watch Whitney Houstons daughter get high

As you may remember, Whitney Houston believed that the children are our future, and she wanted everyone to teach them well and let them lead the way. And clearly she did that, because the National Enquirer has a new exclusive video showing Whitneys daughter Bobbi... read more

Whitney Houstons hotel room had cocaine everywhere

If you've ever walked into a hotel room and there was a naked girl in a wig on the floor, with a bloody nose and no pulse, and the room had remnants of cocaine in three different places, including on a mirror and in a spoon, you're either Charlie Sheen, a Dallas Cowboy,... read more

Whitney Houston had cocaine in her hotel room

I'm pretty sure everyone already assumed this, because the coroner said Whitney Houston had cocaine in her system when she died, but in case you thought her body just made cocaine or something, TMZ would like you to know that cops also found traces of cocaine in her... read more

Whitney Houston: cocaine + bathtub = cause of death

When Whitney Houston died, the sheep in the media were baffled, and her cause of death was an unsolvable mystery. Some members of her family even suggested she was murdered because she hadn't done any drugs in over three years, and the only thing she took the night she... read more

Whitney Houston has a "ton" of sex tapes

Ever wanted to watch a middle-aged, former pop star in a stoned haze mumble her way through listless sex? Me neither, but we might be able to anyway, because Ray J (whose penis made it's national video debut inside Kim Kardashians mouth) is said to have "a ton of... read more